Friday, July 19, 2019

Original Writing Essay -- Papers

Original Writing A crunch of pebbles as a perfectly crafted square of engineered metal falls to the beach. 5 figures crawl from their vessel onto a dreary beachhead. The rain beat down on a terrible Tuesday night. Silver, a man in his prime of physical fitness, shivered in the cold. Like lambs his men followed him intently, without question. In their minds, however, they were at home. With their wives and girlfriends, away from the war. Too many men have perished on this 2-mile stretch of coastline for man to contemplate, for a war that is yet to be understood. Since the last attempt at taking this beach, which was a major failure, there has been an armistice. Everything has been quiet, apart from the occasional fire drill inside the enemy's frontline campus. "Omaha Squad, state your position" Crackles Silvers radio equipment, breaking the deadly silence abruptly. In code, he makes his reply. Omaha Squad, led by Silver, was ordered to infiltrate the G25s communication tower to gather intelligence. Hi...

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