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Unit 1 P1,P2 M1 - 1498 Words

P1- Explaining the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. Effective communication is way in which people communicate towards each other. There are wide ranges of ways that communication can take place for example one to one conversations, group conversations. This can either be informal or formal depending on the individual’s outcome. An example of effective communication that can take place in a health and social care setting is a hospital, for example a nurse and her colleague are talking about how much they enjoy their jobs, and this is a form of effective communication. One- To –One communication – A one to one happens when a person speaks to a individual, or writes to the†¦show more content†¦Informal communication is good way of communication as it can make a individual more relaxed and effective as it’s more easier and complex for the person to interact, as they don’t have to worry about being proper and correct. Interpersonal interaction Interpersonal interaction is how people relate towards each other in a verbal interaction or non-verbal interaction. Verbal interactions include speech, tone of somebody’s voice, listening and language. Non-verbal interactions include a person’s body language and the way they express it for example their posture, facial expression and their proximity. Interpersonal communication can take place in a health and social care setting, for example: at a care home, there is a new career and she does not speak English properly, so therefore it is hard for her to interact with the residents, which makes this is a language barrier. P2 – Argyle’s Theory of the Communication Cycle Michael Argyle is a social psychologist who developed theories about interpersonal interaction and human communication. He carried out experimental theories of non-verbal and verbal communication to develop and test he’s theoretical ideas. He has a communication cycle which explains and predicts how communication can occur in a one to one situation. 1. An idea occurs. A resident wants to go to the library and is trying to convince her carer. 2. Message coded. She talks to her carer about the books she used to read and how much sheShow MoreRelatedUnit 1 Communication P1, P2, M12656 Words   |  11 PagesUnit: Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care. Task: 1 In this essay I will be explaining how I use good communication and interpersonal interactions with the residents I will meet on my work experience at a residential home for older people. I will be explaining the skills and strategies I will use to make communication making sure it is effective. My essay will talk about different types of communication for example one to one, with different types of people, includingRead MoreBtec Level 3 Business Unit 1 P1, P2, M1, D13951 Words   |  16 PagesStakeholder: | Description: | Interest in DFS Furniture: | Interest in The University of Nottingham: | Consumer: | A consumer is an individual/organisation who buys a good/service for their personal use. They are a key stakeholder in some business’ as they are the primary source of their revenue. | A consumer would be interested in DFS, as they want them to produce high-quality, value-for-money products and the after-sales service in order to make any future sales. As they are the purchaser ofRead MoreIT BTEC 3 UNIT 9 Assignment 2010710 Words   |  7 PagesCertificate/Subsidiary Diploma in IT Portfolio Evidence for Unit 9 – Computer Networks (2010) You MUST provide coursework for ALL of the ‘P’ tasks or you will not pass this piece of work. To gain a Merit you must, satisfactorily, complete all of the ‘P’ and ‘M’ tasks and gain a Distinction you must, satisfactorily, complete all of the ‘P’, ‘M’ and ‘D’ tasks. The assessment grid attached to this piece of coursework will help you. Section 1: Networks P1/P2/M1 You are working as an IT consultant for the SeniorRead MoreBusiness Btech854 Words   |  4 PagesDiploma in Business Assignment Brief – ASSIGNMENT ONE Unit title | Unit 41 Business Markets and the Economy | Assignment | Business organisation and objectives | Start date | 10th March 2014 | Draft deadline date | 19th March 2014 | Final deadline date | 26th March 2014 | Assessor | Mr Muhammad | P1 - identify the objectives of a range of organisations | P2 - explain how organisations meet their objectives | M1 - compare the methods used to achieve objectives in two contrastingRead MoreRole Internet Marketing1165 Words   |  5 PagesEdexcel Extended Diploma Business Level 3 Edexcel Diploma Business Level 3 Unit Unit 12 Internet Marketing in Business Assignment Title Marketing Online Issue Date Monday 10th March Hand In Date Friday 30th May Students Name Class Lecturer Neil Gow Assessment Criteria achieved P1 M1 D1 P2 M2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Learning Outcomes 1. Know what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context Read MoreResearch: Scientific Method and Social Care1464 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment front sheet Qualification Unit number and title BTEC L3 : Health and social care Year 1 Unit 22: Research Methodology for Health and Social Care Learner name Assessor name Nadia Anderson, Shauna Silvera Date issued Deadline Submitted on September 2013 (Individual issue dates set throughout the year) July 2014 (Individual deadline dates set throughout the year) Assignment title Research Methodology for Health and Social Care In this assessment you will have opportunities to provideRead MoreUnit 4835 Words   |  4 Pages UNIT ASSIGNMENT | Unit Number | Unit Name | Credit value | 4 | Business Communication | 10 | Name of assignment | Investigation of Business Communication | Name of Assessor | Raghbir McGinley | Start date | Completion date | Duration of assignment | Part 1 04.02.13Part 2 11.03.13 | 25.02.1325.03.13 | 3 weeks3 weeks | Feedback date (A grade and actions for improvement will be given and recorded at this point. You can upgrade your work at the unit upgrade date, asRead Moreunit 5 p1 cell functions Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Regent College BTEC LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA AND EXTENDED DIPLOMA IN HEALTH SOCIAL CARE STUDENT NAME Unit credit value: 5 Grade awarded: Points awarded: UNIT(S) Unit 27 Dealing With Challenging Behaviour SCENARIO You are a nurse who works in a busy AE department in a city hospital. Because you are experienced and highly regarded your manager has asked you to mentor some new nurses who have just qualified. Because AE often has difficult and violent patients, your managerRead MoreSkills for LAND A1 2015 1978 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Module: Unit 10: Skills for Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Tutor: Nick Young Assignment No: 1 of 1 Title: Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities – The Knowledge, Risks, Participation, Review Development IV’d before Mark Wilson Date 22/4/13 issue by: IV’d: Date 16/4/15 Date 21/5/15 Issued: Due: Feedback Due: 11/6/15 Student Name: ................................................................. Read MoreMr Bashir1338 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Management Unit 18 – Managing a Business Event Assignment 1 (P1 M1): - Role of an event organiser / Organisational and legal requirements You are part of the ASFC student council. The council wants to organise an event for the students and you have been asked to research how events are run by other organisations. You must present your findings in a report format, which needs to be addressed to the Principle. You should structure your report as outlined below in tasks 1 and 2. This

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