Thursday, August 8, 2019

Retail Marketing- Group report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Retail Marketing- Group report - Assignment Example Usually, this kind of buyer/seller relationship is always suitable for purchases which low value. The customer may be more interested in bargain prices as opposed to quality. This is ideal for market conditions that are dynamic and the customer has many options. Value-auditing relationships are those where the customer’s needs are identified. In this kind of relationship, the seller attempts to come up with aspects of his product that are deemed most valuable to the buyer. After figuring out what these are, the seller will try to focus on giving as much as possible of this in order to make sure that the buyer has the most value from the payment he makes. The Value adding relationship is the intermediate between a transactional and a collaborative relationship. Although though there is minimal collaboration between the buyer and the seller, there is some amount of extra care taken by both sides to ensure a better product delivery. Deluxe uses this kind of relationship with some of its customers. This is especially done with the smaller business customers who are just looking for easy marketing solutions with Deluxe. Instead of having a collaborative relationship with the customers, what deluxe des is to provide a powerful web portal that tries to provide a way to make sure that the needs of the customer is met. Every member who visits their website is kindly asked to fill out a simple questionnaire to give feedback about their experience in using the website. This makes it easy for deluxe to know where to improve, but does not eventually lead to a collaborative relationship. Collaborative relationship is a situation where the customer and the buyer end up having a relationship that goes beyond just the transaction of goods (Strauss & Frost, 2001). Apart from exchanging money and goods or services, the parties to transaction in

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