Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What Would A World Without Religion Be Like Term Paper

What Would A World Without Religion Be Like - Term Paper Example Religion conjure a deep negative image such as cause of war, an excuse for intolerance, or a shelter for the emotionally weak, in some people while for others, it is the centre of their universe, the source of who and what they are, and the reason for their being. Be that as it may, religion is the greatest of human activities that has influenced cultures and shaped political events. Though there is no universally agreed upon definition of religion, it can be said to be the communal and transcendental quest for the truth about reality. It is this community and transcendence elements in religion that makes religion a most powerful force in human history. Empires have collapsed under the impulse of religion and empires have been founded on religion. But the question is: is the human activity worthwhile given that wars have been fought in the name of religion. How will our world be if religion is eliminated? Will empires still rise and fall? Will there still be wars? Or will peace elude our world? Does religion has a place in our world? Or was it just an invention by some persons to keep others busy? In this term paper, the question: how will our world be without religion will be answered. ... Indeed, religiosity of man is as old as human existence. Various scholars have tried to propose theories to explain the origin of religion. Among these theories include the animism theory of Edward Burnett Tylor and Herbert Spencer; the fetishism theory of John Lubbock; the hedonism theory of Max Muller and the naturalism theory of Wilhelm Mannhardt. According to the naturalism theory, religion started when man seek explanation of natural events. The lack of consensus among religion scholars on the origin of religion may be due to the diverse religion practices and beliefs humans have evolved throughout history. Be that as it may, it evident from archeological findings that religion is as old as man and is part of every human society. The approach to the question In trying to answer the question: how will our world be without religion?, First an examination of the positive and negative effects of religion will be carried out. Thereafter, a non-religious society exemplified by communi st societies in China and the collapsed Soviet Union will be compared with societies that tolerate religion. In this regard, we must distinguish between spirituality and religiosity. While religion incorporates the necessary element of community, spirituality does not. Spirituality is the personal quest for the truth about reality while religion is the communal quest for the truth about reality. This distinction is necessary because spiritually-minded persons need not be religious and could be found in non-religious societies. Religion: the good and the bad There is a powerful two-way relationship between society and the religion. Society exerts

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