Monday, September 9, 2019

Critical evaluation of Intercontinental hotel network Essay

Critical evaluation of Intercontinental hotel network - Essay Example Aspects to be considered will include hardware and software, in addition to strategies and policies. Various methods of research will be undertaken regarding the software and hardware. A findings chapter will be included which will talk about shortfalls of the existing system in the hotel. At the end of this investigation, an improvement of the system will be suggested. This project will be based on a critical evaluation of the Intercontinental Hotel Network. It will examine the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) network of the hotel based in Hyde Park, London. Based on the critical evaluation of the network a new and improvised network will be suggested. The 120 staff members of the hotel will be connected to the network. There will be adequate provisions for security of the network. All the computers will be connected to the main server. In addition, the hotel will have the facility to provide wireless Internet service to its guests, who will be able to connect to the Internet from any of the 460 rooms. The recommended network will include teleworking facility for the staff over a secure network environment. All the latest ICT innovations will be incorporated in the design to make the network state-of-the-art and to offer the maximum advantage to the hotel, its customers and its personnel. The upgraded network will utilize cutting edge technologies such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Virtual LAN (VLAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) over the network. Security will be assured through the use of fir ewalls, a reliable security and password policy and. enterprise antivirus solutions. This project aims at looking at the existing system in the hotel, critically evaluating it and then recommending possible improvements and changes in the system, based on the latest

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