Saturday, September 28, 2019

SHORT written assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SHORT written assignment - Essay Example stolen and used to commit unauthorized and illegal transactions, with a credit card information theft through hacking of credit card companies’ data banks and servers (Elms, LaPrade & Maurer, 2008). Hacking tools include viruses, worms, bugs that are used as conduits or mediums that facilitate hacking activities. Viruses are specific pieces of software, command sequences and series of data that exploit a glitch, bug or vulnerability to propagate and proliferate in a computer, network or system (Furnell & Warren, 1999). An example of a virus is the ‘exploit’ which causes unanticipated or unintended events to occur in a computer’s operating system or application in the process of propagating itself within a computer’s system (Elms, LaPrade & Maurer, 2008). The exploit virus grants a hacker unlimited access to a computer beyond what can be granted by the system administrator. The ‘exploit’ virus works through a network security vulnerability or hole, thus giving a hacker unlimited access and control over the computer’s system (Cobanoglu & Demicco, 2007). Failure to run diagnostic scans ad installation of anti-virus software exposes a computer system to numerous threats to threats from within and without a system (Mourani, 2002). Tools used in hacking do not only result to software damage, but they also lead to hardware damage over exposure in extended periods of time. The installation of strong and vigilant anti-virus software is the best protection against malware and hacking tools deployed by malicious

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