Saturday, September 7, 2019

The advantages of getting a good knowledge and learning in community Term Paper

The advantages of getting a good knowledge and learning in community - Term Paper Example One of the main advantages of getting a good knowledge and learning in the community is the reduction in illiteracy. Reduction in illiteracy means that there is an increase in literacy and knowledge. Reduction in illiteracy is also associated with a decrease in unemployment. The question is, how is getting a good education and knowledge connected with an increase in knowledge and the reduction in unemployment? It can be said that as an individual; if one obtains a good education and knowledge, and later on becomes a parent, he or she is likely to pass on the obtained education and knowledge to his or her children. Dummett, Hughes, and Stephenson (2013) reported â€Å"The problem often is that such knowledge is stored only in local people’s minds, and it is passed from generation to generation.† (p. 130). Nevertheless, a strong and formal education background enables the child to learn beyond what the community he or she resides in, hence, adding to their knowledge. Enha nced knowledge goes a long way in reducing unemployment. An examination of the Arab Spring indicates that the Arab spring can be associated with the large rates of unemployment. Hamdan (2011) notes that quantity in place of quality is not appropriate for education. Passing on quality education and knowledge to each generation ensures that they gain the required concepts and ideas that they can use to develop self-employment. Self-employment means that the persons making up a large part of these generations become job creators and not job seekers. In turn, this reduces the unemployment levels by having the job creators employ more and more persons. Another advantage of getting a good education and knowledge is sustainable human development. McKeown (n.d.) opines that education is an important tool for attaining sustainability. Development alone is not enough if it cannot be sustained.

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