Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lab assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Lab assignment - Essay Example We are aware that during the judgement day, God will judge us in accordance to our actions. Therefore, in my own view, everything lives in God just as the article suggests. Pentecostalism as suggested by the article â€Å"The Origins and Impact of Pentecostalism† originated from the days of the apostles in the day of the Pentecost. The denomination then spread to other parts of the world, winning many followers. According to Fisher (2013) â€Å"Over time, this tradition has ï ¬â€šowered into different groups, including fun-damentalists, mainline Protestant evangelicals, the Holiness movement, and Pentecostals.† Although there are difficulties in determining the truth of the theory, I chose to believe that Pentecostalism begun from somewhere. However, I cannot fully concur with the author on its initial beginning. Jesus taught through a number of ways, such as through parables and miracles. However, throughout his teachings, he gave a lot of emphasis on three pillars that he regarded as the most essential in the lives of human beings. Jesus taught about three most important pillars that are most important to a human being, which include righteousness, prayer, and fasting. The article also suggests that if we repent God forgives of our sins as the article suggests, â€Å"Those who sincerely repent—even if they are the hated toll-collectors, prostitutes, or ignorant common people—are more likely to receive God’s forgiveness than are the learned and self-righteous† (Fisher, 2013). Personally, I conquer with this as Jesus emphasised that no sin is too big to be forgiven. The beatitudes as Jesus taught are qualities of life that increase our happiness as well as makes us receive more blessings from God. If we follow the beatitudes, we increase our relationship with God and this improves our inner happiness. Fisher (2013) suggests that â€Å"that those who considered themselves superior were more at odds with God than those who were aware of their sins†, which

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