Thursday, September 12, 2019

Primitivism, Tradition, and Modernity in the Expressionist Art's Assignment - 1

Primitivism, Tradition, and Modernity in the Expressionist Art's Political Implications - Assignment Example Bloch also claimed that Lukacs simplified expression based on the movement theories rather than the expression art. According to Bloch, expression was not progressive but conservative. Judging from Nolde's art account, Bloch arguments were correct as art was not based on culture because over 300 artworks belonging to Noldes were removed from the museum (Lloyd 91). Nolde's defense of exotic art and permittivity was brought about by his efforts to renew Germany art. In his work, Noldes wanted to represent the tribal artifacts of different community’s tradition both western and nonwestern. Nolde's also created work of art which represented spiritual painting which served as spiritual counter images to modern urban change fragmentations and fractures. Primitive art had some values which he considered important and wanted German artists to emulate. The primitive art showed or served as the light to modern society. Individuals could see primitive art and focus on their current life in society.

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