Thursday, October 17, 2019

Academic Honesty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Academic Honesty - Essay Example A society that lacks the basic moral value of honesty is weak and prevalent to ethical decay and disease. Academic honesty is a cornerstone of the development and attainment of knowledge, it is a very important element of a student’s life, as the Integrity and honesty learned at the academic level leads the students into becoming responsible citizens with a core of justice and integrity leading to just and fair nation. A dishonest student on the other hand becomes an unreliable individual, creating chaos and disorder in society The Centre for Academic Integrity (1999) indicates that â€Å"Higher education and society benefit when colleges and universities have standards of academic integrity that provides a foundation for a vibrant academic life, promote scientific progress, and prepare students for becoming responsible citizens† Therefore the concept of education is not just to impart knowledge, but also to provide moral values so that a conscientious society can be created. Academic dishonesty mocks the students quest for knowledge and hampers educator from accurately assessing the individual talents and accomplishments of their students. It is very important that all students and mentors respect the integrity of one anothers work and recognize the importance of recognizing and safeguarding intellectual property so that academic honesty can be upheld. â€Å"Individual integrity is vital to the academic environment because education involves the search for and acquisition of knowledge and understanding, which are, in themselves, intangible. Evaluation of each student’s level of knowledge and understanding is a vital. Part of the teaching process and requires tangible measures such as reports, examination, and homework. Any act that interferes with the process of evaluation, misrepresentation of the relation between the work being evaluated, or the resulting evaluation, and the student’s actual state of knowledge is an act of

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