Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Professional meeting report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Professional meeting report - Essay Example As being a completely new topic for me, the presentation was quite helpful in developing my understanding regarding how I might get confused if I remain focused on following initial illness evaluation procedures such as signs along with symptoms. The presentation also helped me in understanding the fact that the presence of an open mind and close attention to every minute detail might help me in attaining better returns. As a learning outcome, I understood that the place and profession undertaken by an individual also impacts his / her physical and mental conditions as can be appropriately understood from the second case (University of Washington, â€Å"Cultural Relevance in End-of-Life Care.†). In an overall manner, this presentation will certainly aid me in helping the patients suffering with varied diseases from a wider and effective perspective. For attaining this particular objective, I need to evaluate each and every detail about the patients like preferred foods, profession, locality and subjection period to illness. Knowledge regarding aspects such as cultural back ground and financial condition of the patients will also help in enhancing my career as an effective dietician (University of Washington, â€Å"Cultural Relevance in End-of-Life

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