Friday, October 18, 2019

As janie goes throuth life her search for self identity takes many Essay - 1

As janie goes throuth life her search for self identity takes many terns for the worse and a few for betters, but in the end she finds her true identity. Discus. five paragraphs - Essay Example ined to be filled with unfortunate circumstances of abuse or injustice and while Leafy’s character according to the novel serves as a reflection of weakness that ran away from her obligation of potential hope, in the person of her daughter, Janie proves otherwise. With an arranged marriage to Logan Killicks Janie, in her innocence, anticipates a loving kind of relationship only to be disillusioned by Logan’s objective of acquiring a wife to be a hard-working partner in tending his farm. At this stage, readers may already sense the likelihood of a dramatic turning point bound at allowing Janie to perceive how unbearable it could get to live a life with a man she is forced into. To this extent, a picture and sentiment of a helpless girl at the verge of losing esteem and recognition of her purpose is quite poignant and the author seemingly meant to indicate an aspect of injustice toward women in the form of slavery and of violating their will or being entitled to personal decision. This is all the more aggravated by an overall view of gender inequality in male domination over Janie’s situation as a wife. The quest for comfort and self-worth proceeds as Janie gathers sufficient strength to leave L. Killicks and find solace and affection with Joe Starks, a lover who makes acquisition of a significant parcel of land in Eatonville on which he puts up merchandising establishment by employing the service of town inhabitants who highly approves of him and in return, entrusts him to become their mayor. Once again, Janie is about to discover herself in a position unfavorably governed and configured by her husband who restricts her image to the level that only enhances his desired reputation though at the expense of his wife’s right to social freedom. Upon his loss, Janie sets out in appeasing settlement of confusing distress as she makes a third encounter that would essentially be the key to refining her foundation of real character. Her relationship with Tea Cake

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