Thursday, October 24, 2019

Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” Article Found in the Electronic Reserve Readings

The use of the Career Interest Profiler displayed that I was Teamwork centered portraying a work culture towards: working in a close knit team, working closely with customers and suppliers, lots of interdependence, friendly and supportive colleagues, cooperative and sharing atmosphere. The next trait of the Career Interest Profiler displayed that I was an Expert portraying a work culture towards: varied and ground breaking work, high emphasis on specialist expertise and lots of specialist roles, high engagement-people encouraged to express opinion, innovation, creative atmosphere, control your own work schedule and organization, dynamic an changing environment. The last trait of the Career interest Profiler displayed that I was Supportive portraying a work culture towards: secure, stable environment, clearly defined jobs, goals and expectation, no conflicting demands, considerate management, focus on employee welfare, lots of personal development and feedback, lots of recognition and celebration of success, and fun place to work. The Career interest Profiler reviled that I am a leader whom can work under pressure and also create an employee friendly working environment. A person who put people first and would treat employees the way I want to be treated. As a Navy Officer, Basketball player and today in my career field I’m often counted on to lead people. My approach when working with people has always been to be honest, fair and treat a person with respect and acknowledge the positive in a person because everyone will tell you when you’re doing something wrong. My Strengths in Competencies displayed I was very strong in Innovating, Coping with Pressure, and Adapting to Change. These Competencies top my measuring scale with four bars out of possible five. The Applying Expertise and Adhering to Values on the measuring scale showed two out of five possible bars and the last Competency Strength displayed Strategizing which displayed one out of five possible bars. After reviewing my Strengths in Competencies, it demonstrated to me that I can work under pressure, meet deadlines, and confirmed that I can accept change. This is true because working in my profession the Laws are always changing and the technology is always changing as well. The Work Culture Preferences displayed that I was Artistic, Conventional and Enterprising. It also showed my Career matches being Business and financial Operations, Management, Sales and Related, Legal, Community and Social Service, Personal Care and Service. This is very unique because I gave 6 years to the Military as public service, worked as a Youth Detention Officer, Youth Worker and now for the Department of Veterans Affairs as an Advocate for Veterans. The possible employers that would fit with my provided competencies would be a College, University, High school, Government, City of State Office, Police Department, Prison, Department Store, and Owner of Private business. The possible jobs that would align with my work culture preferences would be a Head basketball Coach, Detective, Police Captain, EEO Officer, and Human Resources Specialist, or Management staff. The ways in which understanding my personal competencies will help me improve my critical thinking skills is to evaluate all information I receive before making a decision on any level. This is best described for me, as receiving all the needed facts before I make any critical decision. My competencies strengths also are utilized in all efforts to help me evaluate an argument. The best example of me using my competencies strengths during an argument is when I’m engaged with a veteran who is irate, and also talking very loudly during an interview for VA benefits at my place of work. I always take control of the situation, by speaking in a much lower tone and always letting the veteran finish his statement. Most often by acknowledging the veteran and having the facts when the veteran is presenting sometimes calms them down.

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