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Dippin Dots Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Dippin Dots - Research Paper Example In 1991, they established their dealer network. 1994 marked the year of their first international account, which was in Japan. In 1995, they opened a new production facility that was 32,000 feet in Paducah. The facility expanded by 20,000 feet in 1997 and the company earned a spot on Inc. Magazine's 500 list of fastest growing companies. In 2000, the first franchise opened and the company went to court against imitators. In 2001, Dippin' Dots came in third behind Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen as far as number of franchises. In 2002, Dippin' Dots was ranked 112th on the Franchise 500 list, 69th on the list of Fastest Growing franchise companies, and number one on the New Franchise Company lists of Entrepreneur's Magazine. Dippin' Dots also becomes available at San Francisco Bay area McDonald's restaurants during the same year. The awards and high rankings continue through 2005. In 2006, the company was restructured and Tom Leonard became president of the company. According to Improvement Network (2008), "A PESTEL Analysis can be particularly useful for groups who have become too inward-looking. They may be in danger of forgetting the power and effect of external pressures for change because they are focused on internal pressures. You can use this technique for a large or a small group activity. PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environment and Legislative. It is a strategic planning technique that provides a useful framework for analyzing the environmental pressures on a team or an organization." Political There are political concerns that companies like Dippin' Dots need to take into consideration when operating their companies. Two of the most important are regulators and politicians (Improvement Network, 2008). Economic There are also economic considerations for Dippin' Dots. These include world trends, trends in the countries and states in which the company operates, and industry trends (Improvement Network, 2008). Social There are social considerations Dippin' Dots must pay attention to. These include cultural change, the expectations of consumers, changing demographics, and changes in the structures and habits of families (Improvement Network, 2008). Technology Technological considerations for the company are pretty self-explanatory. The ice cream treat is based on technology that was before its time, so it must maintain that expertise and quality. The company also needs to look for new innovations in order to keep growing. Environmental There are also a number of environmental implications for the company to consider. These include cost implications, public opinion, and sites and locations (Improvement Network, 2008). Legal Legal considerations for the company vary according to the state, territory, or country the company is operating in. They must follow United States legislation and directives, for instance (Improvement Network, 2008). SWOT Analysis Strengths The company's biggest strength is that it has a completely unique product that its founder created on his own. The product is also very popular among consumers. Weaknesses The company's biggest weakness is that its product has to be stored at extremely cold temperatures. This makes it difficult to transport. It also makes it impossible to carry in supermarkets or sell for take-home consumption. Opportunities There is not a lot of room in

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